Since its foundation in 2006, created by Patricio Prados, Logística Codecar has completely differentiated itself from the rest of the companies in the transport sector in different aspects, but basically it is due to its main service, which is the transport of goods by road back to European level.

We differentiate ourselves in the efficiency and speed when it comes to managing the load as well as making the payment.
This transportation service, although different in direction, is offered for both full and part loads and uninterruptedly, 365 days a year.
Another differentiating characteristic in our company is that 80% of our clients are direct, which causes fewer collection problems by reducing intermediaries in the provision of services.

Lastly, and with the aim of providing a more comprehensive service to our clients, we also offer them services of:
  • Personalized export advisory service.
  • Storage and distribution service with a logistics base in Almería, as well as bases for storage and transfer of goods in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.
  • Own management and advisory service.
  • Insurance broker service.
  • Legal cabinet.

For an equal company

Logistics Codecar works with a team made up of equal parts of both men and women, with the same rights and obligations.

We maintain non-sexist communication and language in the company, in addition to betting on a salary and remuneration policy.

We promote a company culture in terms of equal opportunities and CSR.

Informa Logistics Codecar Certificate

Report Certificate

Certification that certifies the excellent management of the companies and that Logistica Codecar obtains since 2019.

Backed by the world's leading economic newspaper in Spanish,, and the leading company in Commercial, Financial, Sector and Marketing Information, Informa D&B.

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