Informed Certificate


Since 2019, Logística Codecar obtains the prestigious Informa Certificate, which accredits our company and certifies the excellent management in the company.

The Informa Certificate accredits and certifies excellent management in our company.
This certification is backed by the world's leading economic newspaper in Spanish,, and the leading company in Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information, Informa D&B.

To grant this certificate, an audit of more than 50 business management indicators is carried out on the documentation provided by the company. The personalized report determines whether the company obtains the certification and also provides information on the strengths and opportunities for improvement in management.

The certificates are delivered at the annual gala that is organized with all the certified companies and that has a great impact through elEconomista and the Informa business directories.

Other certificates

ISO 9001 ISO 39001